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To most people the process of building a custom home may seem like a daunting task. We've had many people ask, "where do we begin?" At Metz we realize that each client has different needs or requirements. Some people already have their lot and/or a design and are ready to build, while others may not have a lot or a design and are looking for guidance on where to begin. No matter what the circumstances, we can help. The basics of building a home are about the same no matter what the size. Consider the following items:

Lot Selection
Is the lot a "buildable" lot? Consider its topography, zoning, setback requirements, easements and utility availability. If it's on a hill will it require an engineered foundation system? How much will that add to the cost?

Building Design
Do you want to design your home from scratch with the help of a designer or an architect? Or use a stock plan and if so will it work with the lot or even be approved by the local building department?

Establishing an Achievable Budget During the Design Phase
Is controlling the cost of your home important to you? If so, we can suggest ways to save money. Typically, the best place to do so is during the design phase when changes can easily be made on paper. Decisions about square footage, room size, number of rooms and level of finishes can greatly affect the cost of a home. Do you desire granite counter tops rather than laminate? Is it important to have a 9' tall basement rather than the standard 8' tall basement? This is the time when open lines of communication between the Builder and Client are established. In addition, design and building expectations for the project are addressed.

The Construction of Your New Home
This is an exciting time when your dreams become reality. This is also the time when you need an experienced and trustworthy builder to work with you and assist you while your home is being built. The objective of Metz is to make the building process fun and enjoyable while exceeding your expectations of the project.

Warranty, Care and Maintenance
Each home built by Metz comes with a one year limited warranty established by the Home Builder's Association of Greater Cincinnati. In addition, Metz provides a job specific "Product and Maintenance Manual". With good materials, quality and craftsmanship the care and maintenance of your home should be kept to a minimum.

The questions proposed above are just a few of the many thousands of considerations that need to be made in order to build a custom home. Hopefully, the items listed above have answered some of your questions or raised others. We also hope that you have an idea of the services that Metz can provide when you are planning your dream home.

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